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    How To Send Files

    We recommend a number of different methods and services to send your files and media content to us.

    We recommend a number of different methods and services to send your images to us. is a simple file delivery service that allows you to upload files to's servers, they then email us a link so we can download the files you've uploaded. The files stay on's servers for 7 days. All you need to do is select your files, enter our email address ( in Friend's email, enter your own email address and include a brief introductory note with your name and phone number. There are other similar services around, so feel free to use your favorite if you've used one before. Others include or


    Dropbox works by creating a set of folders on your own computer that are mirrored on Dropbox's servers, you can then share a folder or individual files with us. Once registered and installed, a Dropbox folder will be created on your computer, inside that you can create a folder for the files you want to send us. You will then be able to right click on the folder - or an individual file within the folder - and select Share Dropbox Link... from the Dropbox menu options available. A link to the file/folder is then copied to your clipboard ready for you to paste in an email to us along with your order details. This link will allow us to download the files you've selected, please do not move or remove them from your computer and Dropbox folder until we have acknowledged receipt. If you haven't already, you can sign up to Dropbox here.


    If you're going to send either a very large file or a lot of files, creating a CD or DVD and mailing or dropping them off to us is the easiest option for you; Speedlight, Inc. 21822 Lassen Street, Unit G Chatsworth, CA 91311 Please include a letter with your name, phone number and any other information you like to share.


    Most email applications and services will allow you to attach files of up to 20mb. If you're sending more than one file, it's usually easier to split the attachments up over a few emails.

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